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de Ștefan Constantinescu

Publicat la 07 Jan 2008 | Secţiunea: Blog | Categoria: Cartografie/

O revistă de cartografie istorică care este disponibil gratuit. Colectivul editorial cuprinde personalități din spațiul mediteranean (Italia, Grecia). Până în prezent au apărut 6 numere, începând cu anul 2006.

Din cuprinsul ultimului număr

Davie M. F., M. Frumin
Late 18th century Russian Navy maps and the first 3D visualization of the walled city of Beirut, 52-65 [pdf 380Kb]

Alves Gaspar J.
The myth of the square chart, 66-79 [pdf 434Kb]

Livieratos E., A. Tsorlini, C. Boutoura
Coordinate analysis of Ptolemy’s Geographia Europe Tabula X with respect to geographical graticule and point positioning in a Ptolemaic late 15th century map, 80-91 [pdf 2,05Mb]

Orciani M., V. Frazzica, L. Colosi, F. Galletti
Gregoriano Cadastre: Transformation of old maps into *Geographical Information System and their contribution in terms of acquisition, processing and communication of historical data, 92-104 [pdf 490Kb]
Research Notes

Reyes Nuñez J. J
A website about map history for Hungarian pupils, 105-113 [pdf 238Kb]

Wolodtschenko A., T. Forner
Prehistoric and early historic maps in Europe: Conception of Cd-Atlas, 114-116 [pdf 370Kb]

Books – Proceedings
Antonio Millo, Isolario, 1582, AdVenture, Athens, 2006,

Web sites
A new gateway for historical GIS from Germany


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